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01.01.2012 Anywhere in the world


Hey! you are awesome! Where and when can i hear you and see?

It's always a pleasure to hear from someone with exsteripe.

in love, only love!

It's beautiful, we have to be grateful all night and all day to Mother Earth. Your song is that....

We must thank Mother Earth all night, all day for all blessings we receive. It's beautiful your...


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In the fall of 2010 group of musicians gathered for improvisational jam night to sing and to share rhythms, mantras and chants. Among them also the throat-singer, drummer Kosmo Taunonpoika from Finland who was just visiting Tallinn by chance. Musicians were so inspired by the magic of the evening that they held by fly a concert in the house of Hopner in Tallinn Old Town with 150 guests. After this it was clear that a new fairish folk band named Tane Mahuta was born to share ancient chants, mantras and powersongs and to encourage the audience sing along.

Tane Mahutas concerts are mostly held on or close to equinoxes to celebrate and revive the meaning of those very important days of the year. 


2010 23. sept autumn equinox celebration concert at House of Hopner Old Town Tallinn
2011 18. jan House of Writers Old Town Tallinn
2011 29.april Beltain & Spring Equinox concert in St. Kathrene Church
2011 14.dec CD launch at Tartu Athena Center www.athenaklubi.ee
2011 18.dec CD launch at "Hell stage" Tallinn City Theatre www.linnateater.ee

coming in 2012
29. april Beltain & spring equinox concert at "Heaven stage" Tallinn City Theatre www.linnateater.ee
20. june Summer Equinox concert at St. Kathrene Church Tallinn
08. july Estonian Yoga Festival www.joogafestival.ee 
11. august Viru Folk Festival www.virufolk.ee 

Introduction of the band

Tane Mahuta (tree of life in maori) contains musicians with estonian, finnish and russian ethnic roots. Young talented musicians give a powerful new breathing to the estonian sing-along music tradition with power songs from different cultures in estonian and other languages. Most songs are meant to be sang together with the audience. The band describes their music as fairish urban folk, because they use world music troubadure songs and centuries old chants in modern key for modern ears, using cello, guitar, hang, throatsinging and also beatbox. Their new album "Väelaulud linnahaldjatele", meaning "Powersongs to cityfairies", is written with intention for modern day city people to dive into Mother Nature and get to taste peace of mind even while sitting in traffic jams. Tane Mahuta features drummer, hang player and throatsinger Kosmo Taunonpoika from Finland; russian rooted estonian Polina Tšerkassova (Triofonix) gives her touch with instuments like french bagpipe, ocarina, šhvii, flutes, kalimba; cello player Joosep Kõrvits (Estonian National Symphony orchestra, Nordic Symphony Orchestra); trubadour Tom Valsberg (Indigolapsed) and singers Kadri Rinaldo (kundalini yoga teacher) and Jane Kruus (actor).