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01.01.2012 Anywhere in the world


Hey! you are awesome! Where and when can i hear you and see?

It's always a pleasure to hear from someone with exsteripe.

in love, only love!

It's beautiful, we have to be grateful all night and all day to Mother Earth. Your song is that....

We must thank Mother Earth all night, all day for all blessings we receive. It's beautiful your...


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About the band

Tane Mahuta is the Lord of the Forest according to a Maori legend and joins musicians from Estonia and Finland.
They perform fairish folk music based on Scandinavian chants, Celtic prayers, shamanic songs from the Amazon rainforests, indian bhajans, rainbow songs and traditional songs from Estonia. Most of the songs are hundreds or more years old and aimed at elevating the human soul and to connect the listeners with the forces of nature. This urban-folk has blended prayers, chants, Arabic & Celtic rythms, throat singing and beatbox paving a path for urbanised people to reconnect with Mother Nature and so also awaken to their own true nature.

Instruments like the cello, guitar, shaman-drum, ocarina, French bagpipe, flutes, hang, jembe, kalimba and trumhorn along with 3 female and 3 male voices are used to create elevating and powerful music which is easy to sing along with. Songs are preformed in Estonian, English, Sanskrit, Spanish, Finnish, Swedish and native Indian languages.

"Tane Mahuta's first concert in 2010 in Tallinn ended up being one of the most amazing events of last year for me. I had never been on a concert singing along from the first song to the last, especially considering my belief that I can not sing at all." Peep Veedla the chief-organizer of the Viru Folk Festival, Estonia.